Canadian, raised in a small town right beside the one I grew up in, lives Seth Rogen. Catching my attention from the moment his name hit the big screen, my connection with his work has brought me to where I am now. Such an adventure has been left behind me, as I continue down the path of the entertainment world. What attracts me to Seth the most is his creative abilities behind the camera, as long as in front of it. His dual ability to create such successful, entertaining content has opened my mind to the possibilities that are waiting to be taken advantage of.

He began his career performing stand-up comedy during his teenage years, winning the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest in 1998. Working closely with successful writers, such as Judd Apatow, Seth has been a part of many successful productions like “Superbad”, “Sausage Party”, “This Is The End”and “The Interview.”

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Fun drinking game, eh? I had the pleasure to work with the legendary director of photography Russ T. Alsobrook, on the movie “Status Update.” Russ was DOP on the production “Superbad” which Seth took the roles of executive producer, actor, an screenplay writer. Guess that means you drink!

As I continue to shadow Seths success, my passion for the entertainment industry inspires me to take opportunities that will open new doors to worlds unvisited.

Wish me luck!


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